Chicago Civil and Criminal Law Practice

The Law Office of Douglas B. Harper focuses primarily on handling the trial and appeal of the following kinds of litigation:

Business Litigation

representing people and businesses in disputes involving contracts, business ownership, and other business-related issues. These suits are brought in federal court in Chicago, and in the Illinois circuit courts located in and near Chicago.

Civil Rights Litigation

representing plaintiffs in civil rights cases, to address misconduct committed by police officers, prisons, jails, or government officials. These suits are brought in federal court in Chicago.


representing state and federal prisoners in direct criminal appeals, proceedings under the Illinois Post Conviction Hearing Act, and federal petitions for a writ of habeas corpus, to address wrongful convictions and excessive sentences. These cases are brought in federal court in Chicago, and in the Illinois circuit courts located in and near Chicago.

Appellate Litigation

handling appeals of business litigation, civil rights litigation, post-conviction and habeas cases, and employment lawsuits. These appeals are brought in federal court in Chicago, the Illinois appellate courts, the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

The law office also maintains the following additional practice areas:

Employment Litigation

representing employees in employment litigation related to work-related discrimination or violations of the Family Medical Leave Act.

Contract Preparation

drafting and evaluating contracts for people and businesses engaged in business transactions.

Chicago Local Counsel

serving as local counsel to law firms located outside of Illinois who need experienced trial counsel in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.


New Contact Information

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If you request a free consultation, please tell us: (1) your name and phone number, (2) the date and place where the event happened, (3) the names of the people and businesses involved, and (4) a a short description of what happened to you. Please do not send documents and do not provide confidential details unless you are asked to do so.