Get a Free Consultation Before You Hire a Lawyer

The Law Office of Douglas B. Harper offers free initial consultations to prospective clients who are looking to hire a lawyer in Chicago and northeastern Illinois. You can request a Free Consultation by mail, by phone, or by email. You receive the Free Consultation after passing a brief Phone Screening. The entire process we follow in deciding whether to accept a new case involves these four steps:

Request a Consultation: Phone Screening

When you first contact the law office, you will be asked a few questions to ensure your potential case presents no conflict of interest and fits into one of our practice areas. This is Phone Screening. It does not create an attorney/client relationship or provide legal advice.

Talk to a Lawyer: Free Consultation

If your case has no conflicts and fits one of our practice areas, you will receive a Free Consultation with Mr. Harper by phone. The Free Consultation lets Mr. Harper decide if it sounds like your case involves legal arguments he would be willing to assert in court. The Free Consultation does not create an attorney/client relationship or provide legal advice.

Have a Lawyer Read Your Documents: Case Review

If it sounds like you have a case, Mr. Harper will recommend a Case Review which requires a nominal fee. In the Case Review, Mr. Harper reads your documents, reviews the law, and decides if your case actually involves arguments he would be willing to raise in court. The fee pays for the work of making that decision. The Case Review does not create an attorney/client relationship or provide legal advice except for identifying and explaining the arguments we would be willing to raise in court.

Hire a Trial Lawyer: The Attorney/Client Relationship

After the Case Review is completed, you will be told whether the law office will offer to accept your case or not, and what fee you will have to pay to hire the law office to represent you. A contract will be provided, setting out the terms of the proposed representation. At that point, you can agree to sign the contract, pay the fee, and hire the law office, creating an attorney/client relationship.

This four-step process is the only way to create an attorney/client relationship with The Law Office of Douglas B. Harper.


New Contact Information

The Law Office of Douglas B. Harper Two Prudential Plaza 180 N. Stetson Avenue, Suite 3500 Chicago, Illinois 60601‑6769 New Cases: (312) 214-7040 Main: (312) 214-2454 Fax: (312) 212‑4102


If you request a free consultation, please tell us: (1) your name and phone number, (2) the date and place where the event happened, (3) the names of the people and businesses involved, and (4) a a short description of what happened to you. Please do not send documents and do not provide confidential details unless you are asked to do so.